5 Things I Learned After I Got Dumped.


5 Things I Learned After I Got Dumped.

1. There were many red flags.

All those fights that he started over nothing? Making me feel guilty about things that were actually his fault? Or those many instances where he was acting shady and coming home late at night? Yep those were actually just foreshadowing the ultimate end to our relationship. Don't ignore your instincts.

5 Things I Learned After I Got Dumped.

2. He never loved me.

Being rude to me, or simply not caring about my feelings and always putting himself first. I should have known that this sort of behavior was far from love. Actions speak louder than words, just because he says he loves you doesn't mean its true.

5 Things I Learned After I Got Dumped.

3. If he isn't crazy about you, you're wasting your time.

He was always doing the bare minimum to get by in the relationship. It was never passionate, and never an initiation, but always nice actions as a result of my nagging. He obviously could live without me and that was obvious.

5 Things I Learned After I Got Dumped.

4. Never settle.

He didn't have a job, he was extremely short tempered and lazy... and there were days where I knew that I deserved more than that. Don't settle for someone who just is there in the moment.

5 Things I Learned After I Got Dumped.

5. Life goes on.

It hurts a lot in the beginning, but the more you're apart the more you recognize that people who were meant to be in your life, or at the very least want to be in your life would have made the effort. You'll be ok.

5 Things I Learned After I Got Dumped.
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  • bethshepherd
    He did not have a job! Wow. That would have meant no way from the start. I will never date any guy who has a lesser job than mine and earns a lot less than me either - it is obvious it would lead to him forever relying on me to make his decisions and pay the bills and bail him out.
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  • dipta
    "always putting himself first"

    That's nature to most men in most situations, in my experience... Regardless of whether they really like someone or not.
  • DumbandDumbber
    1,2 and 3. Exactly for me but especially 1.

    I just decided that I'm gonna end with my girlfriend of 5 years because of all that. Done waiting for better days.
  • Lance1965
    #2 rang true with me. Words are meaningless but they can easily suck you in to feeling comfortable within your realtionship. People can easily say things to make you feel good but judging if those words are real can be difficult.
  • Logorithim
    Great points, and all are easier to see in hindsight than in the heat of the moment.
  • LegateLanius
    Thank you. I agree with @Logorithim, it's easier to see stuff after the fact. I'll keep watch if I ever end up in a relationship
  • AlwaysBelieving
    Yes and sorry to hear you had to learn these things by getting dumped.
  • Jaybear0123
    This helped me
  • AngelicSin
    That is interesting
  • captainw0ww
    I agree
  • lazermazer
    Great take
  • SpeshalK