5 Signs You Are Not Over Your Ex

Break up’s can be incredibly tough. One day you may think you are completely over that special person and then out of no where, something reminds them of you and the feelings of dread return like the relationship ended yesterday. The heart can be pretty tricky and you can’t always be sure that you have healed completely. You may think your last relationship is in the past, but are you really over it?

5 signs you are not over your ex

Here are 5 signs that you are not over your ex.

1. You can’t look at pictures of them without feeling a lump in your throat or seeing red.
When you are trying to get over your ex, social media can become your number 1 enemy. One minute you are scrolling through Instagram, commenting on your best friends selfie and then all of a sudden, boom, there goes a picture of your ex, looking like they are having the time of their life. If your first emotion is anger or hurt, you may not be over this person. To save yourself some heartache, stop following them so you don’t have to be reminded of the past every time they take a picture.

2. You can’t stop stalking their every move.

Another horrible thing about social media, is that, unless you stop following your ex, you can find them in an instant and pretty much follow their every move. Seeing them flirting on someone else’s comments, or knowing that they have been at the club every weekend is only going to make you green with envy. Again, figure out ways to prevent yourself from following them and block yourself from being a straight up stalker.

3. You can’t stop obsessing about what happened.

The funny thing about breakups are that the things that end your relationship, is really just the last straw, not the actual cause of the breakup. If all of your best friends have heard the break up story 10 times, it’s time for you to give it a rest. Yes, it’s important to lean on your friends in your time of need, but when you lean too much you become too heavy of a burden. Make a deal that you won’t talk about “you know who” for an entire month.

4. You still think it’s all the other person’s fault.

There are no relationship’s where one person was right and the other person was all wrong. The biggest sign of growth -and that you have moved on from your ex- is that you can see what you did wrong in the relationship. Even if your only fault was staying with a jerk for too long, even that is a fault within yourself- because you stayed with the jerk. If all you want to do is point the finger, you are not fully over the relationship and you won’t be until you self reflect.

5. You are still communicating with them

There is nothing more foolish in thinking that you can break up with someone today and start being friends with them the next day. If you are still in contact with your ex, texting them, calling them, sending them smoke signals, ANYTHING, you won’t be able to get over them. Time is the best medicine for a break up. I am not saying the two of you can’t be friends, eventually, but give each other time to heal first.


Most Helpful Guy

  • can you please delete number one?
    A good guy NEVER forgets the first girl he really loved. Never.
    You can force yourself to stop loving (though i believe forcing yourself to stop feeling is more correct), but not forget.

    Personal note; i know i won't forget, and she probably won't either. But it wasn't the right, so eventually we decided it was better to break up and try to find the right one. I hope she does, she deserve it.

    • Forgetting is completely different from feeling emotions every time you see them. Trust me over time it fades

    • it fades, yes. And you learn to block it out. But good luck forgetting her name.
      The only way you can really forget is if she did something unforgiveable like cheating.

      Why am i mentioning this? So girls on here can hopefully understand how much a guy's first serious girl can mean to him, and so that girls coming after her can understand that even if he's not forgetting, that doesn't mean he's still in love with her. At least personally i'd never go past the dating phase unless i'm 100% sure i want to be serious with her

Most Helpful Girl

  • Okay #1-4 are not true*. I still like my ex and #1-4 does not apply. #5 obviously does. Although I do know people who do not do #5 and still love their ex.

    *No offence but from my experience there can be many factors to determine if you are still in love with your ex. What might be a sign to you, is not a sign to me.

    • Also, I dislike the fact that people tend to think that we NEED to get over our exes. Sometimes people do get back with their exes and sometimes IT DOES work. Now if you are talking abusive relationship, than no that is not a good idea.

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    • No offense, but you're 17 so your lack of experience will not understand my point until your brain is fully developed and you've experienced more. So, enjoy not moving on from your ex.

    • @Silverware Wow you won't answer my question. That shows that you have no evidence. You made up shit and you know you are in the wrong. Own up.

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What Guys Said 5

  • I don't agree with #5. Even though I personally tend not to speak with my exs ever again, a lot of people want to keep hold on the lines of communication with them: either because they want to remain as friends, or possibly want to keep the option open.

  • Good but,
    I disagree with the point #4. You might know why.

  • Finally a good take by the "experts" on this site. Well put.

  • Great. Now how does one get over their ex?

  • Number 4 isn't always true. All depends on what happened. For example the last girl I was closest to ended up using me as a rebound as and an ego boost.
    She ended up going to the same ex she complained about and swore she'd never see again. While i take responsibility for my actions, that was definitely her fault.

    The rest of the points are good though.

    • It was a mistake to get with someone shortly after they got out of a relationship.

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    • Well my issues were I was very naive at the time. I didn't think much of her complaining about her ex, I felt bad for her and thought she just had a bad experience. I also saw the best out of her. She had flaws but we did have a lot in common and I found her very physically attractive. Was she perfect? Of course not, but she was the first girl I dated that I saw potential with.

      I also had a nearly year long dry spell before I dated her. There were some girls into me that I didn't like back during that dry spell and vice versa. I'd also say regarding the rushing, I was playing it by ear but her moving too fast caused me to move fast if that makes sense.

    • by the way another sign you're not over your ex is that you're trying to get revenge on your ex. Whether you're using someone to make them jealous or you try to humiliate them, you're still affected by them and it's negative energy. If you get mad when thinking about them instead of feeling neutral, then you still have feelings for them.

What Girls Said 3

  • I agree with all statements except for 2 and 4. For each relationship, there needs to be closure for each party. That being said, by no means does it actually happen for each side, in turn, it makes it harder to get over a relationship.

  • You forgot masturbating while thinking of your ex lol

  • This is completely me lol but I just can't stop


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