How To Breakup Like A Man

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How do you think masculinity should act when facing the end of a relationship?

How To Breakup Like A Man

If you are a guy and going through a break-up and need some advice, but don't want to open up to a friend or be overly 'emotional' - there is a great video on YouTube for you. It's made by a self-help relationship expert who gears his advice especially to men. Not just any guy - but the Alpha guy. He teaches guys how to be strong and confident men in the face of personal crises and relationship meltdowns.

See his advice here on NOT just how to break up - but how to do it 'Like a man'.

What does that mean nowadays? Many think that men have been emasculated by a common desire of women, that men be more sensitive and emotionally accessible or vulnerable with them. This new 'nice or sensitive' guy stereotype which many men aspired to has come with it's own set of unique problems: mainly that men do not feel like MEN anymore.

Aaron Marino who is behind the video and philosophy, started a men’s image consulting firm, called alpha m to address these issues. He combines advice on image, relationships, style, grooming, fashion and most importantly their confidence. This is not just advice but a whole way of living - an alpha lifestyle: A teaching on how to get back to being a MAN in the classic sense of the word.

Many argue that men and male identities have been through a crisis lately. Most women in the Western world do not need a man to have a successful, self-sufficient life. Men are mostly considered romantic partners than providers and protectors.

That means there is a shift between the way the sexes relate to each other - and if men, who for generations were taught to display machismo when engaging with the ladies - no longer are expected to present themselves in that way, it leaves a lot of men scratching their heads wondering what their modern role is and how to interact.

Marino has touched a nerve - he appeals to men's need to identify with all that is classically male and shares his insight how to get back to feeling confident as a modern day man in the face of post-split scenarios.

He calls it breaking up without breaking down. Classic masculinity doesn't like to feel lost or out of control, and he speaks in a fashion that makes sense to men - it's in 'guy code'. Getting back to being 'Alpha' male and taking control of your dating life is at the centre of this doctrine. And he does have some real pearls of wisdom.

Do you have a break-up story that would have gone better if you had had his advice?

Guys! Tell us how you could've applied his advice in a past break-up or a current dilemma that you have...

Girls! Would you want your boyfriend taking this advice?

Are there any alpha male gagers out there?

How To Breakup Like A Man
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Luv2BRealExotic13

    Either don't answer texts until like the 3rd-7th one and just reply. "Yeah. It's over." No texting back just keep on moving.
    In person "look you're a great guy but it isn't working out right now. So we're broken up."
    "I like you, but I've recently reconnected with an ex or (connected with someone else) recently. I'm sure you'll make the next person really happy. Take care."

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    • Squall17

      It's not nice to leave anyone hanging and in a mess I wouldn't and couldn't ever do that to anyone, so it's best to just answer them honestly and kindly so they won't beat themselves up about it and won't hurt their egos.

    • @Squall17 you're probably one of the few gentlemen left on this Earth and I commend you for that. And as you know there's little to no hope for my generation. These are the guys us women encounter nowadays. They just leave no goodbye text no nothing, or their wife or other girlfriend calls you instead to do his dirty work.

    • Squall17

      *sigh* if only I was younger.

Most Helpful Guy

  • DarkHumorRUs

    This is retarded.
    Why not just "How to Breakup and Not Be a Dick About It".
    There is no "like a man", and alpha males are just guys who have low self-esteem so they tell themselves they're better than other guys.

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  • godfatherfan

    So break up and be an asshole? that is not what i would/will teach my 3 sons
    Break up and pretend to be something else? that is not what i would/will teach my 3 sons
    it is best to let your true emotions show. Just because I am a man I don't hurt the same way? when my ex wife threw away 25 years of marriage like it was nothing, didn't shed 1 tear, and cheated at least the last 2 years.. I as supposed to pretend none of that mattered?
    What a bunch of horseshit. I feel bad for anyone that takes his advice.
    You put your emotions out there. You let the other person know how you feel.
    and it if is something you don't want, you never ever ever stop fighting until the end. Then fight some more.
    The biggest thing is to get therapy and work with a really good therapist.
    This Alpha male crap is for small brained men that don't have any intelligence and are unable to communicate properly. They are the ones that think if a man cries it makes him weak. When I was young I thought that. A man never cries. It was probably 10 years before my wife saw me cry for the first time at my grandmothers funeral.
    I would hope no man takes this advice.

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  • Azara

    What does keeping composure have to do with being a man. All I got from this was Guys can only feel special if women are freaking out. And the incentive to act with integrity is that women won't so to do so makes them feel like " men".

    Any guy born ten twenty of thirty years who learnt who to be from his hot I going not thousands of years we aren't born with memory of our ancestors. Men are not any more lost bc times are changing than anyone else. Change affects everyone. The lost feeling white men face is the feeling if losing privleges not losing " identiy" you Create your identity by your deeds. Not rhetoric. And not by rhetoric. And acting alpha beta omega or any other Letter of the Greek alphabet doesn't change that. And trying to rob women if dignity doesn't make you strong it certainly doesn't make you a good human being. The word" man" the way you're using is only defined by degrading the idea of women then not being "women".
    Oh and being emotionally intelligent dies in no equate to losing control... It's the opposite. Those more aware if their feelings and able to express themselves are able to control their emotions. You're confusing feeling exposed wth losing it. Not at all the same.

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  • peachblossomluck

    The reason most guys get broken up with is because they drive the woman they are with crazy. Women naturally want a relationship, biologically. It means safety and shelter. So if she's pushing you away, you're being annoying. We resent telling you stop doing whatever it is that you're doing that gets on our nerves. If she says she needs time alone, don't get drunk on her porch and pass out so she finds you there in the morning. Don't bother her at work. Don't blow up her phone. If she asks for your help, she means right that minute. She wouldn't be asking if she didn't need the help so don't be like: "Um, I'll do it later." She means NOW. If she breaks up with you because you're smothering her, don't call her crying about it. She will resent it and realize she made the right decision. Finally, don't go crying to her friends about it making yourself look like some poor wrong done by prince of a man because you aren't. If you don't do completely assinine things, she'll probably stay with you. So don't take her for granted, purposely annoy her during that time of the month, have to tell you to get out of her way, fight with her mother... you get the picture.

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    • An ounce of prevention...

    • Squall17

      Jesus Christ just listen to your rant and how self entitled and selfish it sounds. Don't do this or that or too much of one thing. What do guys ask for? Nothing more than their partners loyalty and love. Women know they can bullshit men around cause it a lot easier for them to find partners than it is for men. One strike the. It's either half your money and kids or bye bye.

    • You're wrong, Squall. It's basic common courtesy which some people never master.

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  • YourFutureEx


    "Girls! Would you want your boyfriend taking this advice?"
    -Apart from his earrings, they should not have any kind of problem with that guy. He is awesome.

    "Are there any alpha male gagers out there?"
    -Honestly, I really don't know what Alpha male is but if following his advise makes me one then I am because I am the one he described. I already have such thinking what he described and he validated it.


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  • LittleSally

    Is he Canadian?
    He talks in a funny way.

    Yep, what he says makes sense. =) Friends are a beautiful thing, especially when they are trying to help you.

    And a woman should be able to handle a break up this way. Just a lot healthier than eating ice cream and crying over a romantic comedy...

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  • Anpu23

    My usual breakup technique is to get on the motorcycle and hop on the freeway push it up to the 90 plus mile an hour area and listen to breakup music and scream along into the wind. So if you pass a 45 year old man on a BMW pushing 90 + MPR and just screaming know it's me and I'ma hurting!

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  • CreepyOldMan

    By studying the alpha bunny, we see the mating practice in alpha.

    It's hot and it's fast. A real bunny doesn't mess around with and of that foreplay crap. He just mounts, kicks it in overdrive, and cut s and hops away.
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  • Creole_Flavor

    I don't really think there is a difference in the way that men and women break up lol. People have different ways of doing it goodness gracious as long as it over I'm good and if he is immature about then oh well good riddance however it ended.

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  • Hannah591

    My ex does not seem to know how to deal with our break up in a healthy way, but I wish he didn't shut down and try to ignore his feelings. Guys need to open up more!

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  • Strider90

    This guys is awesome. In related videos there is also one about staying ''friends'' with your ex, saying how silly, unrealistic and unfair it would be to your new partner.
    And in the end of the video he says how sad and wrong all this casual sex, screwing around, friends with benefits between young people today is.

  • PhiOmega

    I'm a man!!!

    I don't need some fuking video telling me how to act! Hell yea!

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  • shadowarrior99

    Because a guy shows emotion, that makes him not a "man" anymore?
    Check out that article and video before replying, please.
    Here's the direct video link:
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  • muspelhem_5

    I was sceptical at first, but think this is a pretty good video. I would imagine the points apply equally to women, but maybe women are a bit more aware of these things than men, in general.

  • PiuBelloAmante

    Nothing new here lol!
    i did all these things...
    buti still am getting over it, it sucks

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  • p0rtis26

    Yep, both genders can handle a break up this way, not sure why this was only for men.

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  • Youssefalez

    i didn't watch and u r stupid , coz people not the same so u can't tell men how to be men go fuck ur self

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  • abundantlyrich

    Good to know there is a support group out there for them

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    • Most people don't break up because they still come back to the ex for good ole sex. So it's a BREAK DoWN.

  • BluntlyHonest

    , to me , go to stripclubs and having lapdances are really the best way to move on , just youtube? i dont think so

  • Pmnm-325

    Hahah lol Im subscribed to his Chanel on YouTube XD

  • neofuture

    "I don't want to date you any more" right tonher face, problem solved

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