She randomly blows up my phone!!?

So my gf broke with me about 3 weeks ago roughly And in those 2 weeks i faight for her and then simply stopped becauss of the rejection and the fact that she said she has a crush on another guy allready!!

But she will randomly blow up my phone with texts.

2 days ago she sent me a slew of texts that I did not respond to with things like:

your just mad because im over you.

fuckinng scumbag

she's been asking me to give her my zoo pass this is her saying: can you just do the zoo thing your so immature

Then the best was when she sent me a video of 3 good looking guys with there shirts off dancing and sayingg that this is what she deserved.

Then a i hate you.

This is way out if order but if it makes a difference the text saying im mad that she's over me was the last one.

Why does she still blow up my phone? I just dont get it...
Do you think she is actually over me? I just don't know what to think of these messages. she's the one that broke up with me...
Thanks for the fast replys, I am not responding nor am i caring about her. she's in my past and im moving on. She is gonna be the one chasing me.


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  • Dude, do you have any self worth AT ALL?

    Cut this abusive bitch out of your life, for god's sake. You don't owe her a thing.

    Tell her to go fuck herself, because nobody else will. She just can't handle the fact that you stopped chasing after her. Don't let this cunt walk all over you.
    Block her from your phone, facebook, instagram, whatever you use and never make any contact.

    But if you feel like being vindictive, screen-cap the texts and post them on social media exposing her bitchiness to the world.


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  • She wants attention and to get under your skin... knew an ex likevtgat once, crazy slut called monika...
    Sms'd her... Tegan I'm running late, be there in 20 minutes xx...
    She blew up my phone with the most abusive sms ever, then never heard from her again, worked perfectly


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  • its simple just block her number...she's a freak

  • Hahahahahaha

  • Don't reply she is testing you


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