Girlfriend Blowing Up My Phone and Won't Stop?

I have a girlfriend who I care about and tell her I love her and sometimes when I haven't been there for her in the way she has been for me she thinks I am off doing something behind her back. I cheated one time with my ex wife and my ex wife called her 8 mos ago and told her a bunch of lies about me. Since then she has been paranoid since and told her that there is nothing there between me and my ex. I do not enjoy her phone calls because I cringe she is checking up on me she makes me crazy angry and I end up screaming at her and make her cry. She always unload her sh*t on me. She has helped me a lot with money and whatever I ask her she gives me. I have not been able to help her $$ wise & she even lets me use her car which now she gets upset over. I told her I am working and she do not need to worry about $ she does not have to work. I have not been able to give her any $ yet but trying but she blowing up my phone. Makes me upset and no one in my family or friends does this but her and I should be happy to see her # but now I am blocking her ph# and calls. I have 2 cell phones and told her to only call me on one phone not other she calls me on both nuts! I told her to leave me alone and stop blowing up phones, need help she does not believe me. She think I am doing things in her car and I'm not I am just trying to get her $$ to help her (we do not live together because of my beliefs). Was I right to tell her to stop calling me and leave me alone? She stops for awhile then when she wants something she starts all over again she says I am ignoring her emotional, physically financial support..dudes am I right for trying to help this girl back using her car I do not have a vehicle nor can I afford one. I do odd jobs just to try to get money and she always wants me to give it to her which I have not been able to so I can put gas in car. I told her my mind on business not romance right now. She gets mad I do not spend time with her when I need to make money. Am I right? I feel sometimes just to end it but then she says I am using her like everyone else. She is a good lady but has panic attacks when I do not call her like she wants me to. I told her once we out of financial crisis I can relax and be more emotional support for her but can't right now I spent some time with her last night but then after I left she gets crazy thinks I am with someone else.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should really stop to be together.

    She seems to have more trust in ur ex wifes stories,

    and you seem to be unable to cope with work and giving her attention.

    No way ur relationship will last that way!

    Better break up with her, and make a contract about the money you still owe

    her that she can't say ur trying to avoid repaying her.

    The situation is not healthy and not good for both of you.

    She needs to learn to keep her jealousy under control,

    and you need learn that it's possible to work and to give ur partner enough

    attention. But you can't learn it together, the situation is much too messy.


What Guys Said 1

  • I think you should take a break from each other and maybe a permanet one. She sounds nuts and you are humoring her,


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