Is my ex girlfriend seeking attention from me/still has feelings for me/just wants me to chase her or just want me to leave her?

Hi everyone, my ex girlfriend in which I was with for a year and 4 month broke up with me last month. I pursued the no contact rule for a while however as she and I study at the same place and is in many of my classes I had to break it earlier than I would have liked. My first contact with her went fine, there was a few physical contacts as we were talking and quite a few laughs followed by 2 hugs before we left each other, following that we spoke on instant messaging for a few days after. However I have no fixed idea on why she left me, she started getting distant from me on this group trip she went on, and apparently things happened between her and this boy and they still keep contact till now (This boy keeps on going over to her first and attempts to spend as much time possible with her, I've heard he likes her but wants to give it 3 month before asking her out. He is the complete opposite to me.) I've questioned my ex about what happened on the trip and she said nothing happened but I keep hearing from other people that they were flirting constantly and that he wanted to get into the same bed together but my ex said no, also I asked my ex if she likes him but she refused point blank to liking him but from other people I've heard she's giving mixed feelings about liking him. Anyway she's been showing signs of depression recently and keeps on telling me how she hates her life and has severely messed up and sent me a picture of her crying with her mascara dripping all down her face. Should I ask if she's any better? Here is some background info about us, she has always caused a scene when it came to me asking if she was starting to like someone else and whenever I messed up she would always blow it out of proportion. She has previously broken up with me but then took me back after a week. She has also said she has small feelings for me. What should I do next? Please help me, I know I still want her back not just the relationship.


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  • Okay, if you still want her back, (make sure first) your gonna have to put up with a lot of drama, it sounds like she has a lot of emotional issues to sort through, and therapy will help just fine, usually girls like this need a lot of attention, so your undivided attention will be needed all the time... Make sure that this is what you really want, Because I've been around people like this my whole life, and a lot of patience is required!! But if you love her then that shouldn't be a problem. And if u really are just in love with the idea of her, instead of in love with her, then you should cut all ties with her, cause it sounds like a toxic relationship to be in, and it could ruin you. Good Luck!!!

    • I have taken careful consideration about me and her together and individually and I still do want to get with her but I shall give it a shot and if it doesn't work out then I will just move on. Since the beginning I've felt I have been putting in more effort, bear in mind I did wait almost a year for her to realise that I was worth a shot. I'll just give it another go. Thanks a lot all the same but I will be needing all the luck I can get :P

  • A relationship should be built on trust and communication... if your gf has issues and she's not telling you about it then u won't be able to move forward.

    Asking her questions about the other guy when your not together will not help you. If she tells u she slept with the guy she's knows how u will react and your bound to be hurt. Before you give the relationship another go iron out the issues that made u break up in the first instance..

    • Thank you very much, I guess I'll just have to try and play things like I first did when we first started, she felt we lost the attraction.

    • Do that but if things dont work out then dont be harsh on yourselves... best of luck

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