Why does he ignore me only around his girlfriend?

My ex and I broke up in October. Since then we've gotten together a few times, but finally decided to only talk when we see each other out at parties. Recently, within a month or two, he got a new girlfriend. He deleted me from Facebook but not other social media stuff. Every time I see him around without his girlfriend he talks to me, gives me a hug and we chat for a few minutes, However, when he is with his girlfriend it is like I don't even exist. He ignores me and barely even looks in my direction. I thought we had ended things on good terms, so that's why I am a little bothered by it. Everyone I know says he still has feelings for me, But I'm curious what others think?


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  • I would put money on the fact his new GF would either be disapproving of any other girl getting near him and he knows it. She is likely a control freak, insecure, insane, or has him totally whipped. So when she isn't around you get to see the real side of him and when she is nearby you get the scared guy on a short leash version.

    Base your opinion of him when his GF is not around, when she is around, don't even bother going near him it is only going to bug you.


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  • He might like you, still.

    He doesn't want to give his girlfriend a reason to be jealous or leave him. Or, basically he doesn't want her to know he still likes you.

    Of course, he could be over you and just doesn't want his current gf to get the wrong idea.

    If other people say he still likes you, then I think it's more likely that he does and just doesn't want to get in trouble with his gf.


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