Why does he ignore me around other women?

So I met this guy I really like and we see each other at work like twice a week.

We started talking and he is really nice.

But I don't talk with him much since I noticed he is definitely a "lady's man" and I don't want to be just another girl to him.

He knows like every girl there at school.

every time we talk, he gets a huge smile on his face and seems really nervous to talk to me.

But when I see him talking with other people, he completely ignores me and acknowledges every one but me.

He will say hi to practically everyone except me.

Is he trying to say something?

It's not like he doesn't like me because we talk so what is going on?

Why do you think he does this?

Am I being to hopeful that he may like me?
Why does he ignore me around other women?
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