Why does she stick around?

This girl won't seem to leave me be, maybe she just wants to be friends with me again. She's married and when I first started she was like crazy about trying to get my attention. She'd blush around me and act super nervous. She's fairly shy and quiet. We started taking the same breaks and talking together all the time. The thing was we'd do this a ton, then she'd disappear on me. Then she'd come back. I started to ignore her off and on and talk about other girls around her. At one point I ignored her for 2 months and my buddy tells me she has been following him around walking and talking with him like we used to. This made me jealous. We don't talk much anymore. She will occasionally come around, take a break when she knows I'll be around, bump into me and kind of feel things out. It's like just when I'm about over her she comes back around. Lately she's done a ton of things that make me think she likes other guys such as doing lunch with a guy we work with. To be fair, I flirt and talk to other women as well, I'm not sure how much she knows about. Anyways, we hadn't talked in awhile. Yesterday we had our monthly work group lunch. At one point I used to skip lunches because I didn't want to be made jealous. She started doing this for months after I did. So back to yesterday, she's not at our group lunch, a couple of our bosses say oh she's at lunch with so and so (an older attractive guy we work with). I was like "for real!". So we had a meeting that afternoon. I'm walking down the hall with my buddy, and she's behind us with another girl. I tell my buddy Im' going to grab some water from the break room. She follows me in there (I thought she might). I'm filling up on water, and she just stands there behind me not saying a thing. I say "hey"she swings around and starts asking me all these questions and says "I hope you get moved to my department". I cold shoulder her. I see her later that afternoon and she does it again, waits for me to say hi first. What she want?
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Why does she stick around?
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