Why does she always flake out when she seems interested in me?

There's this girl I've been talking to for about three weeks now. We were introduced through a mutual friend at a grad party. The first week we hung out twice and watched a few movies together with that same mutual friend. Last week we were able to hangout at a few house parties.

I was told that she's interested in me and wants to get to know me better by hanging out more. However, when ever I try to hang out with her she always flakes on me. She even invites me to do things with her and then flakes and she will even reschedule and flake again.

For example, last night she invited me to come over and watch a movie with her. 30 minutes later she said she was running late and asked if Wednesday night would work for me.

It's weird to me since she initiates conversation with me every day (usually through texting) and flirts a lot with me. She seems interested in me but whenever we have plans for just the two of us she flakes out. However, when there is someone else with us she always sticks to the plans.

After one of the nights we hung out she told me after that she was really shy. She also really worries about how she looks when she's around me.

Could she just be really shy and wants to hangout in groups until she feels comfortable around me? Does she just want to be friends with me? Or is she just playing games with me? What do you think I should do in my situation?

Why does she always flake out when she seems interested in me?
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