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Why did he stick around after sex?

Okay this guy I like at work is 11 years older than me and originally said he didn't want a serious relationship. The weird thing is not only does he text me almost everyday but he has given up a weekend night to me twice (One of them being Christmas Eve and he took me to see a radio synced light show). I can talk to him and tell him almost anything...he tells me quite a bit too. I've also had the chance of meeting his friend that he shares an apartment with and the friend's girlfriend. He shows me pictures of his daughter and when he talks about her to me he sounds so sweet and tender. We have fun and laugh together and he acts the same around me when he's with his friend as he does when we're alone. We've had sex twice and he hasn't gone anywhere. So my question is what is going through his mind? Is this going to stay purely friends with benefits or is there something more there? I'm not quite sure what to think because of how much older than me he is. Any advice here?
Why did he stick around after sex?
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