Why are girls awkward around me?

I'm trying to figure out why women are awkward around me. There are a few variables I'm weighing but I'm not sure. So, I'll give you a few scenarios of what I've been through (no sob stories :))

1. New Job

So I started a new job and there is this really cute girl in my training class. She's extremely outgoing to everyone, but me. She turns into this dismissive, dark person whenever we HAVE to speak. It's weird, I've been nothing but nice. Also, I don't go out of my way to talk either. If I pass her somewhere I don't try to be all like, "HEY! What's up?!?!" The one time I did I got ignored. Learned my lesson quick. So if I didn't say or do anything, then why does she seem like she has a problem with me? And if she were into me I'd be able to tell by her body language. As far as body language goes it's negative, well, in my direction at least.

Other Girls At Work

Ever since I started all the girls there act like they have a glass wall around them. Unless they are training me or something, they look at me like they are scared of me or something (I am black lol, not that it should make a difference). Bugs me out everyday.

2.Getting Current

So, ever since I can remember I've always had this issue, I could go to a party, a grocery store, a bowling alley, doesn't matter where, women (My age) are creeped out by me. The only women who say I'm attractive are old enough to be my grandmother, mother, aunt, or whatever. THEN, there are the usual guys that tell me I'm good looking. I'm not into guys like that. A girl I liked a while ago heard about my issues (after she rejected me) and asked had I thought about going gay. Well, no. There isn't anything to think about when it comes to that.

SO, I must ask cyberspace. Look at my picture, what is it about me that makes women get turned off so quickly when they see/meet me? It's kinda irritating. Especially when I haven't said anything...



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  • You are attractive.

    I have recently concluded that people where I live have psychological problems, severe ones. Everyone around me is a freaking psycho. Maybe we live in the same neighborhood?


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  • I think you are just plain attractive and may be way too touchy! I am telling it from my experience although guys like that are one in a million


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  • I have no idea, bro. At first, I thought you were ugly as f***. but you ain't. I'm not saying I'm attracted to you, but yeah. That's real strange. Maybe it was bad luck, and you had a booger come down from your nose.