Why Does My Ex Call and Then Stop Calling?

Ok People! My ex girlfriend is 6yrs older than me and makes sure that I know it. We were together for about 1yr before she started pushing me away. I admit, I was being a "really" nice guy to her. That's just who I am. a gentleman. She started ignoring my calls and just plain out became a real bitch at times. But for some reason after I call her on it we both get turned on. This all seemed to start after we discussed our true feelings for each other. On the flip side, we shared plenty of great times together. More good than bad. Her daughter has grown attached to me like no other man that has ever been around.

We both started our own companies at the same time and grew them together. The only thing is that I would go out of my way to help her, but when I asked for a little assistance she would either ignore me or just flat out leave me hanging. I got tired of this and stopped trying to incorporate her in the plans. She began to REALLY change after that. She started doing the ol "I usually date older men" thing. She began to really push away. Finally the day came where she was just ugly toward me on the phone, but pleasant and refreshing in person. Other than an occasional lunch/dinner from time to time. Sex was still good though. That's one thing that never faded with us till our relationship ended. Ok., moving forward.

Of course we had our times of hurt after the breakup. I began to move on from her and her daughter because I didn't want that awkward bond with the kid and not her mother. I felt that if a man or woman came between us, it would hurt ALL of us. So I started moving on (dating). We are now living about 500mi apart.

I stopped calling because I wanted to heal. We didn't talk for about 6mo. Recently it just so happened that I was in the city that she lives in when she called and left a voice mail. She said that she was thinking about me and wanted to see how I was doing. I called back and she asked to meet for lunch. We both LOVE seafood, so that's what we had. It was GREAT! We laughed, teased, flirted and enjoyed the time. We spent 5hours at the restaurant if that says anything. So, She invited me to stay at her house for the weekend (guest room). Silly me said OKay. We had a blast with no drama and no past history discussions. We ended the weekend and began to talk and text a few times a week after for about 1 month after. Then all of a sudden she started ignoring my calls and stuff again. Now I don't even call anymore. She called the other day and asked for some help on an issue. I refused to help and all hell broke loose. I still love/care about her but I gotta heal and move on.

So?! What does she REALLY want? Is she playing some game or still confused. I don't get it. Am I missing something?!
Why Does My Ex Call and Then Stop Calling?
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