Ex called me disgusting and trash. Why would he still try and get me back even after saying that?

I've been working for an agency that solicits myself, or in other words, prostitution.
I was arrested but the charges were dropped.
I told my ex since we are trying to get back together and he called me disgusting and trash.
However, he still was fighting to get me back. Why would he do that? He sat there and talked shit but still chased me down when I left. Why would he still try after saying so many negative things?


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  • I think he still likes you, but doesn't approve of your line of work. Due to the nature of your work, he probably doesn't like to think of his significant other doing that for money and that might explain his outburst. If you want to get back with him, you should talk with him and see if you two can work something out or come to some kind of understanding. But if you don't want to get back together, just don't talk to him anymore and maybe he'll get the hint. I hope this helped.

    • Thank you for taking time out to read this and your answer helped very much. It's just drama filled trying to figure out what we want, but he needed to know before we tried again.

    • You're welcome. I think it's great how you wanted to be honest with him about everything. I hope everything works out for you two. :)

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