Girls who line up a replacement guy before breaking up with their boyfriends, relationship jumping. Why? Do these types of relationships work?

I've noticed a lot of girls have a replacement guy lined up before breaking up with their boyfriends, basically the boyfriend thinks everything is going great and than out of the blue he gets dumped and his girlfriend has a new boyfriend/relationship with someone they recently met or already knew the next day. So as the guy is left picking up pieces of his heart his ex is left without any emotional heartbreak from this kind of break up.


Are these types of relationships healthy or doomed to fail?

Why do a lot of girls do this?
well its been 6 weeks already and their living together since they met and he moved to florida from NY to move in with her so im sure whether they get rocky or not she will stick it out anyway bc he moved. Im not planning on ever contacting her.


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  • Desperation, some people can't function alone apparently. I would say doomed to fail, if she's willing to leave him for another guy, or if she really is just finding anyone with a pulse to keep her busy... She will probably do it again and some random guy you just met and may not have anything in common with, sounds bad.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, My Last Girlfriend Did This, But iDidnt Beg Or Plead, iPicked Up My Heart & Continued On With Life, iAccepted She Left Me & Is Never Coming Back, & Im Perfectly Fine With That, Im In No Rush To Get A Girlfriend But Over Time iKnow iWill Get One...

  • Lack of self confidence! Some people always need to have someone to make them feel good about themselves. Having someone makes them feel wanted and gives them confidence. This type of confidence is false and deceitful. A confident person doesn’t need someone to make them feel wanted or good about themselves. Most of these type of relationships are doomed. Both people need to be confident to have a healthy relationship. Lack of confidence can cause problems in relationships.

    Move on! Its not worth wasting your time.


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