I broke up with my boyfriend (I didn't want to) But he was acting distant?

I broke up with my boyfriend (of 9 months) yesterday. We were Long Distance (so communication is key)

(We also would see eachother every 2-3 months. Before breaking up with him I had bought tickets to fly out and see him...)

For the past month we have been talking less and less. We went from talking on the phone every night- to once a week. Texting all the time- to a few texts throughout the day. We used to Skype once and a while until he started making excuses to not Skype at all. We used to tell eachother we loved eachother all the time, and now I only found myself saying it often.. If he said it, it was just a "love ya" sometimes he ignored my "I love you"...

It was breaking me apart, and i was sick of feeling like this was turning into a game. I felt as he just didn't care about me anymore. So I took the liberty of telling him that I felt uncared for and unloved. That no matter how busy someone is they don't deserve to feel the way I have been feeling for the past month. I told him I loved him so much and that this was hard for me to do but that I was breaking up with him.

His response was "Okay, Bye. Take Care" and that was that... I think thats what hurt the most. He just didn't care? I just don't even know whats been going on in his head.

This is reallly killing me!! All I want to do is be with him, I love him. But I think the best thing right now is for us to be apart. I figure that maybe if I give him time and space away from being with me, maybe he can clear his head and come to terms with how he was treating me...

Do you guys think he will ever come around and talk to me again? I know i broke up with him but I felt we needed to take a step back. Or did I just ruin everything?


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  • Calm down... There is no point in being in a one sided relationship. If he can't make you feel loved and cared for then what's the point. Long distance has enough challenges and if he can't put in the effort then maybe he isn't the one. He might come round an want to get back together but don't hold your breath. You can't make him care about you.


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  • Wow I'm so in the same boat as you :3 But I haven't left my dude yet, It's too hard even thought I feel doesn't care anymore...

    • Though*

    • I was going through that for a month.. Wondering if he was going to break up with me, i felt terrible for a whole month.. so i just decided to end it. but now im having regrets.

    • Ughh we just ended it... I met someone in my city but feel horrible :x

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  • Long distance can work and it just sounds like he moved on. Chances are it would of happened even if he lived close. If its not going to work its not going to work. Given the answer you got chances are he will not come around. Move on and if you are single and he comes back around weigh it out but dont just sit and wait.

  • Rule #2: Long distance relationships don't work.

    I would move on, and find someone closer. Relationships are hard enough as it is without having to sacrifice your life and put your guard down for someone is hundreds or thousands of miles away


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  • If he is busy he has a right to ignore you. He's busy! Work / school / family / volunteer comes FIRST!!! relationships are secondary. You act like you don't appreciate him which is why he didn't react too badly when you broke up with him.


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