Why hasn't he blocked me out of his life?

So me and my ex broke up 9 weeks ago. We have gone through 2 weeks of not talking then 1 week then 2. Then last weekend we ran into each other 3 times. I started texting him and he replied for a whole week then stopped. He even joked around with me via text being sexual which I said was inappropriate. When he sees me out he kisses my forehead. Now I'm confused. He broke it off with me yet he won't cut me off block my number and asked me last week if I had been with anyone else and do I honestly only see my life with only him. He now won't reply me and when I ask if he sees us getting back together he says he needs alone time and doesn't want to talk at the moment. But he won't block my number. We were together 5 years and each others firsts. What's going on I need opinions?


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  • I think he needs to think about something. Give him space. He obviously does not think it's over and to be honest it never is until one of you dies. Remember men are not as confident as you think and are also confused at times.

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    • He does not want to completely lose you. 5 years is a long time. He must be feeling it.

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  • Just because two people Break Up doesn't mean they Don't And Can't Make Up and it is Goodbye, my love. And with an "EX" that still marks an X in your own heart, a soft spot in his own, it 's usually a case of Missing the Kissing, the history together and being comfy in one another's presence...
    With your EX, he still wants you around, wants you in his life, Confusedyounglady, but he is not ready nor raring to be hooked at the hip again. He wants his own space to do as he wants right now and even if it is a friends with benefits that he wants, it's your call, your choice as how to handle him from this day forward.
    There is a never any guarantee that things will ever go back to being into a Real relationship like before. But it Is up to you in what direction this will end up in and I know Being "Blocked" is the last call you want. You both need to talk things over, should anything like this come a calling... the friends with benefits factor or just anything that requires open lines of communication.
    Good luck. xx


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