Why does my ex gf keeps posting these things?

She broke up about a month ago but we didn't unfriend each other on facebook. She posts "moving on" quotes from tumblr, but later that day she will post lyrics to sad songs?

Songs like fine frenzy - almost over

is she trying to make me realize see that she's really moving on purpose? or is she hiding her pain?


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  • She misses you. Her motives for these posts could be many, maybe she wants you to contact her... Who knows. But dont overthink it. the important part is that she misses you.

    If I was in your place I would go No Contact. Waith for HER ti reach out for you. If she sends you random "how are you doing" texts I would reply to them. Only reply when she texts that she misses you or eants to get back together.

    • Correcttion: I would NOT reply to random "how are you doing" texts.

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    • What if the no replying thing is interpreted by her as you having no interest in speaking with her, let alone getting back together?

    • @j-bird mhm... well i already did my part trying to get back with her and she knows that. She said she needed space so she should be the one to start communication again.

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  • ur ex obviously misses you
    at the fisrt times she was hiding the pain... and now she can't handle it anymore and she's tranna show u that she's sad cuz u broke up

    • I hope she realizes the mistake she did.. thank you for your time!

    • no prob :) your welcome
      if she's sad and she's posting these things it means she regrets for what she've done so u should give a chance :)
      just opinion :)

  • If you weren't fb you wouldn't be looking at this crap and wondering about her when you should be focusing on you.

    • I work, i go to college, im fit, etc. I have social apps like 90% of the people and its really hard not to fall into temptation sometimes.

    • I understand. My ex husband wanted to be fb friends. We have no children or anything that ties us together, but we had an amicable parting. I have to admit I check out his fb sometimes, but I don't think it would be good for us to be friends. Then I would be reminded of him anytime. I think it would be best for you to unfriendly her.

  • She's dedicating too much effort to moving on. Try talking to her, it sounds like she misses you.

    • I did. I made her laugh too, but she said she really wants space and that her mother doesn't approve of me at the moment. Its been a week without contact but i think i should wait more.

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    • after arguments that we had

    • So it was a rash decision where you were arguing? Try giving her space and letting her sort her feelings out

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