Everything reminds me of my ex?

So me and my ex broke up a little over two months ago. And it nearly destroyed me but I've been a lot better. I got out and started dating again and I've noticed that all guys I date have qualities that he has. Both good and bad. No one gives me the feelings he did.. I feel like I need someone who is complete opposite of him but I can't find that anywhere.. Is there any way to get over this or.. ?


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  • take all the things that remind you of him and burn it! but please be careful while doing this and picking out the things

    • No I mean like other guys remind me of him. Not material objects

    • LMAO that wouldve been a terrible idea! sorry but it just has to fade

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  • You simply attached your feeling of love to a thing, memory or a person.
    Don't let exes define love, they just helped you realize how amazing love feels and when it can be shared it feels even better.
    Love with someone else is worth it if it's unconditional, honest and genuine.
    I remember when I first felt deep feelings of love and I assumed that he felt exactly the same way. Instead of embracing the feeling I gave it too much meaning and attached it to him. That's why it's hard to forget.
    If he made you feel complete, it helped you learn what you're missing in your life. A successful relationship involves love but love does not only come from someone other person. Practice loving yourself and life before you start investing it all in strangers ;D.


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