Will I ever hear from her again?

my gf n i dated for 2 months n cared about each other a lot n both felt very strongly for the other n had a great relationship aside from a few disagreements. last week my gf broke up with me because she wasn't getting enough freedom in our relationship and missed her friends and wanted to be able to do whatever she wanted without having to worry about what i thought or feel guilty. she is 18 i am 20 so we are in diferent places and i understood where she was coming from. i sent her an email explaining that i knew wher ei went wrong and assured her that if we tried again that she would get her requests and that i would ease up and not be up her ass so much. she responded well, saying how she still loved me and wanted to be apart of my life and could see herself with me sometime in the future but needed some time to think. she wanted to be with me but wasn't sure she could handle it she said. we hung out two days later and made out a lot and had a great time, like nothing had changed. she said she still needed time though so i decided not to contact her first so that she could do what she needed to do. she texted me two days later asking to do new years, i said yea but had some questions. i wanted to know if we were on the road to getting back together at least, she said she still wasn't sure and urged me to just let it happen. i agreed but then made the mistake of pushing for more answers until she finally said she just wanted to be friends until we both healed. this hurt me very badly and i reacted immaturely because of it. i sent her a very mean text that hit below the belt. she sent me a few texts and then i blocked her on all social media. her friend texted me the next day saying i was an asshole and that she blocked my number but admitted that it was to mask the pain becuase obviously i wasn't pestering her. she texted me last. its been two days since then, i upset her very badly with what i said. will i ever hear from her again or did i take it beyond repair
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I talked to her friend and she said that even though I said what I said that she was still on my side and urged my ex to talk to me and that I was the guy for her and that people screw up and say things they dont mean in situations like this but my ex said no i dont want to talk to him. her friend then told me that i should move on and that i probably won't hear from my ex again because my ex has apparently moved on and is focusing on other things
my ex is talking to a new guy but they haven't gone out yet which wouldn't be cause for concern had her friend not refered to it as "moved on". the thing is if she was really over it and has moved on then i dont see why shed be opposed to talking to me. there's obviously still emotions involving me so she can't be that over it right? maybe im just too optimistic and im never gunna hear from her again


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  • Based on what you said: she probably still really likes you, she's just hurt and confused. You need to give her time and apologize sincerely for what you said. If you still have strong feelings for her, you will do everything you can to make it work. Making it work will be like a lifestyle change in a way, you have to be committed to it and sacrifice some things so that she can be happy. At this point, you need a way to make it up to her, because you both still have feelings for each other, its just complicated. Best of luck, I hope you guys can make it work! 😊

    • Thank you for the advice, without me giving every little detail you seem to have assessed it perfectly and reafirmed my thoughts. The only thing is that how can i make it up to her if she's blocked my number? Would you say she will ever unblock it? Any ideas on how to make it up to her and how long to wait?

    • I think that right now, if you can't communicate directly to her, express your feelings about it to her friend. She obviously cares enough about her to defend her upfront like that. You need to say that you understand that you were being a jerk and that you probably don't deserve a second chance. But you feel so strongly about this girl that you think its worth it to try again. Express how a sorry isn't enough and that you were just really hurt, you didn't mean all those mean things that you said. Give it a few days or so after saying this, and lets hope she responds. Then if her friend forgives you first, then she'll be willing to help you fix things with the girl you like. In this whole situation, you're the faulty one in her eyes, so you are the one who has to be constantly expressing how you made a terrible mistake that you regret. She needs to hear that you care too much to give up on what you have. I'm not even saying that this plan will work, but it at least gives you a shot.

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