Will she ever unblock me and speak to me again? Is there still a chance for me to get her back? What should I do now?

My girlfriend broke up with me just about a month ago, the relationship was great , we were both happy , and we both loved each other so much, but at the same time we were dealing with some issues she was battling depression , while I was dealing with suicidal issues, we helped each other through the bad days. But about a month ago she told me that her feelings changed for me at some point but she wasn't sure if it was the depression or if that's how she felt. This part is where I messed up because I wasn't really understanding her because I was stressed over other things and we were going to talk it out and put a plan in place where we take a brake and come back and see what happens. But then that idea was thrown out the window when we shifted into argument mode. At one point in the argument I started to sound suicidal and she got worried and she was screaming on the phone for me not to do it and that she couldn't take it anymore, and I was trying to calm her down but then she tells me her mom told her to get off the phone , then an hour later she sends me this text : "I'm really sorry but we need to end it." And then she blocks me out on everything, phone, insta, Facebook, Twitter, etc. this is where I messed up again because I started to desperately try and reach out to her using other phone numbers for like a good week but she still didn't reply, and she'd block those numbers too, then her friends and family started to unfollow me on social media as well. I felt so bad after the desperate attempts that I decided to do no contact , and respect her space. I really love her and care so much about her, and I want to get her back. Will she ever unblock me and speak to me again? Do you think she'll give me a second chance? And what should I do now?


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  • She has depression and you're suicidal? You guys shouldn't be dating, it does not create a stable relationship and it's not the kind of support you both need. You need to work on your issues separately before dating anyone again.

  • Emotions are powerful and sometimes they can cause us to react to situations in a panic, or a way we wouldn't normally do so had we been thinking logically. In your case you were desperate to talk more with her regarding the situation and probably felt like she was shutting you out.
    I think going NC for now is best. I don't know if she will unblock you, that's her prerogative but for now you need to distance yourself like you've been doing and let it run its natural course. You also need to spend more time loving yourself and putting YOU first. Our first priority is always ourselves, make sure you look after you!!
    None of us are perfect, its OK to admit that :)


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