Best way to forget about your baby daddy?

I am having a hard time forgetting and moving on from my ex husband...
we have kids together and we live in the same apartment complex ( about 2 doors away from each other)
I give him a ride to work every morning...
he said he loves me but I don't make him happy... I want to move on and I seem to fail everytime...
my heart hurts when I see him with other woman and he tells me about them...
please help me... I am open to any advice


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  • It's hard to forget. I've tried to "erase" as much as possible. But alas we see each other almost every day when we drop off/pick up the kids. We were together 11 years and are currently separated. There are so many things that remind me of him. There are days I'm OK, and others I'm an emotional mess. I would say if you can, stop giving him rides to work. Start focusing on you and things you enjoy.

    • Good advice. ^^

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    • Very hard indeed, stay strong darlin. Make positive changes in your life. And be a little selfish.

    • yeah well I get that already from him... lol

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  • First of all, given your situation he has no business telling you about other women.
    I assume it's best for the kids that you live so close, but maybe a little distance would help you out - not seeing him all the time or having to see women in his life.

    Second, you must think of yourself, your life and your needs. Throw yourself into things that make you happy, spend time with your friends, do the things you enjoy, hobbies and stuff, go out to meet people, join a dating site. There is a better guy out there for you.

    • yeah I lack friends I moved here (state I am in , because we moved here) I have no family or friends... I have though of going back but then my kids won't see him for years

  • It's tough. I believe that every relationship we have, we give away a part of our heart. Unless we're so cynical that we're just using our partner as a sheath for our swords!

    Every girl I had a soft corner for, I still remember! More so if you have kids, and spent a longer time together. The spark of romance, love and sex has virtually died with my current partner, but stay on because of the kids.

    Distance might help. I've never taken it on myself; but when distance came in, it made getting over memories easier.

    • yeah, I just want to move on... I want to love someone else... and I seem to be stuck in his path

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    • if I go back home.. my kids won't see him for years.. because its across us... not to much money to keep traveling a lot

    • When our chemicals stop working, and the chemistry between a couple ceases, somewhere we have to pay the price!

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  • Forget about him?
    There's no way possibly when you have to see him every day and you both have kids together.

    You can't forget him.. but you can move on from him.
    Just continue to give yourself time.

    With sufficient time your heart will heal.

  • I don't think there is a way you ever forget about him because he is the father of your child, you could lose your romantic feelings for him by not hanging out/ talking with him.

    • *unless it has something to do with your child.

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    • No your not, I've been in that situation before, just got to be strong.

    • I just feel like I can't hold on no more.
      I want to just go away but I can't because I want my kids to have their dad

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