Should we break up? Is my girlfriend a mooch? Should I care if her parents are trashy?

So, the finances in the relationship are totally unfair. I pay for almost everything. I'd say 90% of the times we go out to eat, bar etc I pay! Also, when we go out with my family, they pay for her too. She never offers anything back, like we brought her to this concert and she didn't even offer to buy a round of drinks. We paid for her ticket!

She's broke, she has a job but doesn't make a lot. And she has a ton of student debt and loans. She is sneaky how she gets me to pay too. Like when it's time for the check to come she leaves for the bathroom.

Also, I injured my back recently and so I'm pretty much bed ridden. She came over to my condo to watch a football game, and when I got up and entered the living room she was drinking my liquor! She didn't ask if it was ok. Also, it wasn't even mine it was a friends. I'm just sick of this!

And I met her family, and they're super trashy. Her dad has serious b. o. and is trailer trash.

Also, my coat slid off a chair and onto the floor. I didn't realize it, but she just stepped over my coat, didn't offer to pick it up. Maybe I'm over thinking this but that was rude!

I've talked to her about making things even, but she still hasn't stepped up and at least try to pay for me once. I'm sick of this b. s.


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  • Go to 1:40 in, it is very appropriate to this.

    • Omg that hits the nail in the head. Thank you! I was thinking she's different from her family cause she went to college. Her family is pure red neck. They live in this house that's falling apart in the middle of no where. It's very scary. And they all have serious b. o. and the dad rambles and rambles about nothing! Gawd why can't I find a girl from a normal family!

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  • The stepping on your coat is pretty rude. But women are typically like this. Its really rare to find a woman that actually pays for half the stuff... I guess you have to ask yourself... do you think she is worth it? I mean... is she pretty and attractive? Is she worth paying for?

    • I mean she's pretty she's no where near hot though. Honestly I am so turned off by her family, just that alone is pushing me to break. My mind is consumed with all her problems right now, I can't honestly say if she's worth it anymore. But I am really sick of her.

  • y'all don't work obviously! You have manners and you are polite. She was raised in a double wide trailer with someone raised not well so she wasn't raised well! I can tell you deserve a classy women.


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