Why did she turn her back on me like that?

This girl showed signs of interest. I started to fall for her. I also started to show interest. Some other girl noticed and befriended my crush. Not sure if that other girl confessed to my crush forcing her to back off, but she had this behaviour of hot and cold/ignoring. I got tired and asked her what is happening. She said it's nothing of that sort. I was ok with this. she started to ignore me. I got confused so i started to ignore her back. I made an effort and somehow started to talk to her again. I confessed and asked her... AGAIN. She said no, she goes and sleep with some other dude. I stop hanging with the group. Fast forward 1/2 year, we bump into eachother on the street. i say hi, she answers and stops to ask how am i doing. I tell her i am good and keep walking.
Fast forward another year, she was waiting for someone. i was heading in her direction, we see eachother and... she instantly turns around... facing a wall. i passed by of course.
Why did she do that? Help me understand this.
don't tell me this questions is too long and there's too much to read


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  • It's been a long time no one is available forever

    • Hello, but sorry... what?

    • Not sure what that was supposed to mean. Even stranger as i did not mention anything about expecting her to be available (that word sounds so objectifying). I understand TIME and how it works.

      Then the even stranger part is that i said i confessed and she said no and you turn it around and imply that she shouldn't be waiting and that she was right to move on.
      it was simply about her gesture of turning around as i passed. It's about being decent and polite, it's about showing respect in order to receive it. Matching your words to your actions (walk the walk, talk the talk). You said you are not interested and that you treat me like you do with the others and theeen turn your back when you see me on the street. So why do that? I am rational and i like rational people.
      Maybe i should have listened to her "friends". That would have helped me explain everything.

What Guys Said 1

  • This question is too long and there's to much to read lol.

    • On a serious note, red flag. She slept with some dude. She can't make up her mind. Girls like to compete with other girls for guys. It's a while game and I can't stand the while ignoring game either. I don't have time to play and deal with a child. You should move on. She knows what she did and your better off not dealing with her baggage and mess. If you flirt with another girl in front of her or get a gf, I wouldn't be surprised that she would be mad or start being interested in you.

    • I did move on, but i want to understand what the hell is happening. That's a flaw of mine.
      she was showing signs of interest and i confessed and she turned me down. If anyone should be pissed and ignoring, it should have been me. But i was polite enough to say hi to her on the street the first time me met. She answered and even more.
      Then next time we bump into eachother on the street, she turns around and ignores me? I highly doubt it's because she felt "humiliated" of me confessing to her. If she was, she would have ignored me the first time we met on the street as well

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