Why does my ex boyfriend always want hang out and cuddle?

My ex broke up with me, almost 6 months ago now, and it was a pretty messy breakup (mostly his fault). We live a few hours away from each other in different cities now, but whenever we are in the same place he wants to hang out. Whenever we hang out we always end up in bed together cuddling. He always initiates it. I don't care that much because I don't want him back, but I don't get it. He broke up with me, I know for a fact he's sleeping with other people, and he says he doesn't want a relationship. I've asked him why and he says he just likes hanging out with me because it's nice. It still seems weird to me. I could kind of understand if he was trying to get sex, but even though he knows that's not going to happen he still just wants to lay in bed together for hours and spoon.


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  • His feelings are missed up.. he broke up with you the first place.. forget about him.. your relationship is unstable.. and it won't make it for a long time


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