When everything reminds you of someone you miss, what do you do?

This person is alive
They weren't the best influence in your life, they brought a lot of negativity and drama into it
You decided it was best to cutt ties and you saw major improvement in yourself mentally, work wise , school wise like a complete 360 "well almost"
You put in efforts to fix several of your broken friendships that were ruined during that time when you had too much negativity too handle

All but this one and everyday since this person somhow manages to be a thought even if it's just once a day.
"It's usually been more" since it's getting close to the 1 yr mark.

Fix it or Leave it?
Note: last I check friends confirmed that this person misses me too but every time you reach out to this person they're usually unresponsive but come back later at the most inconvenient time to try and talk like "showing up at your job"

You don't feel like playing this game, you still have a lot on your plate and things to improve but your conscious won't shut up

personal experience appreciated, tell me how it worked for you


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  • Let this person go. Missing each other is normal, because even if it was full of negativity, you still cared. But this relationship may not suit you, friendship or otherwise because your frequencies are off/misaligned.

    Just accept it and agree to it. "Sure, I miss this person. But it's better this way."

    I distract myself. I watch movies or read books/ short stories. I put my energy into things I want to do... like write or draw.
    The other option is, talk to more people and find someone else you enjoy being together with, to connect with.

    As it goes - get over someone by getting into someone. :)

    • I've liked other people since, that's the thing
      Really good looking, attractive people that I would totally fall for "under normal circumstances"
      Somehow it just keeps coming back

      I'm going to give it until this summer and just keep being preoccupied "I'm a very busy person too"

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    • :))
      I had a feeling you guys haven't had sex.

      @Mememama sex isn't everything. if it was always sex, then you're considering the other person as just an object.

      @ asker - you gotta ask yourself - are you really willing to let go of this person?

    • Good Points :)
      To think about
      Definitely MHO
      But I have to wait 24hr apperently

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  • I can't remember anyone after a year.
    You have your work cut out for you there

    • Tell me about it..
      Usually after a year, I've completely forgotten too but this time it's different

      I can't think of one logical reason, where bringing this person back into my life will workout well

    • It wouldn't work!
      I couldn't find any feelings for someone who was able to let me go that long. It's not really an aphrodisiac!

    • You're right, I don't think anything has changed "circumstance wise" between us for it to work but I could be wrong

      But the last part doesn't apply
      He still has the same feelings as me
      A year later

      I'm halfway convinced I should just accept that I'm stuck with this person and we'll just have to deal with the circumstances we were out in

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