Why did he walk away real fast when he saw me?

OK, I dated this guy briefly. I ended it because I felt he was playing me, then had second thoughts. So I texted him and flat out asked if he was playing me, of course he said no. We continued to text for a few months, he always told me how much he wanted to come over and have sex again, how he can't stop thinking about me, how much I turn him on, etc. It all sounded like player talk to me, so I wasn't buying into it.

One night, I was feeling bored and in the mood, so when he texted, I figured, what the hell. We had a nice time, but when he texted me again a few days later, I told him I wasn't into continuing like that, and I wished him the very best.

He never responded.

Next thing I know, he brings a girl around where he knew I would be. I ignored that. Then he goes into relationship status with her on Facebook. I ignored that. I moved on, as did he.

I ran into him the other day, 2 months later, and there was an awkward pause as we realized who each other was. What does he do? He walks away really fast, without a word!

Then, later that evening, he texts me and says he didn't realize that was me until later. Obviously, he was trying to undo the fact that he acted like a little bitch.

Why would a guy behave like that? It's so disheartening, because no matter what, it never feels good to have someone you know act like they can't stand to be around you.
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Guys don't like talking to ex's, so they run away? Sheesh! :)
Why did he walk away real fast when he saw me?
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