He left me because he wanted to be single?

The 22 year old guy I was with recently left me because he wanted to have his freedom becUse it's his last summer of college, he didn't like the long distance (I'm only TEMPORARILY 2 hours away only for the summer) and he wanted to have sex with girls (I'm a virgin waiting until marriage) is this a valid reason? However he wanted to get back together when I came back for the fall which I said no that's bullshit

Was he just not into me?


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  • I think there is nothing wrong with him wanting to end it for those reasons but yeah the getting back together thing when you come back is stupid.

    • Do you think he just wasn't that into me?

    • I think he just wants his relationships to be sexual. If he wants to be with you in the fall it probably means he does like your personality but he isn't willing to give up sex so he wants a break where he can go screw girls. I think you should just stay separate since you want to wait for marriage to have sex and he just wants to have breaks in the relationship just so he can go have sex with other people.

    • Yea it just doesn't make sense to me that I'm supposed to be okay with having sex on this break but if I had sex with someone "he would be devastated"

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  • Listen I am pretty sure he was into you. But the honest truth you want to be a virgin until marriage totally scary to him. But really!! Who cares once you lose your virginity you can never get it back. So leave it for someone that is special and worth it. My thing was I was not having any kids until I got married. I sticked to my guns. And guess what I had to pass a few boyfriends to find the one and I did. I got married and had 2 girls. One is 7 the other is 3 & a half. Been with him for 11 years. Never settle for less to pleasure anyone

    • Did you have guys that were trying to have kids with you before you were married?

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    • How old were you when you got married? & yea that guy didn't deserve your time I'm glad that you're over him

    • 20 years old
      I am 27 going to be 28 in August

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  • Well sorry to say no guy is gonna stay in a long term relationship without sex thats just blue balling it. If you're gonna go prude till marriage then I foresee this happening a lot I think you should get back with him after he gets it off his system, since you dont wanna give him some :/

  • His reason is valid, one of the reasons why I broke up with my last girlfriend was because I wanted to be single.
    But you shouldn't get back together, he clearly doesn't care too much about you if he thinks he can get on and off the train whenever he feels like it.

  • It's not bullshit that he broke it off with you because he wanted to sleep with girls. It is bullshit that he suggested you get back together after he gets what he wants.

  • Of course he wanted to be single, he left you to get what you weren't giving him and you're gonna be single for a long time if you keep saving yourself for marriage.

    • I actually enjoy being single so I have no problem continuing to save myself for marriage

    • Good luck

  • no that is bullshit. fuck that shit. stick to yo guns. do yo thang gurl.

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