Should I ask my ex where we stand and what is this all about?

We were in a LDR for 3 years and we broke up 4 months ago. It was somewhat an impulsive breakup, it happened few days before he was supposed to come, he called it off with some lame excuse and we got into a fight. Then he admited that he doesn't want to travel anymore (it's a pain in the ass route, like 6, 7 hours overall). and we kind of mutually broke up. Few months after the breakup were very crazy, I would keep blocking him and unblocking him, sometimes I was mad sometimes I was fine, my emotions weren't in the place. He kept skyping me like nothing happened and he wanted us to remain friends. When I would mention getting back together he would say maybe one day when we are close but not now. I was so weak I couldn't break the contact completelly, so I dug my own grave and accepted the friendship for now. Then after few weeks I was going to visit my brother at his town and I asked him for a meet up. He agreed and was happy about it, then he bailed out in the last moment (for the second time) and I was stoop up. I confronted him about it and he said that it seems like I still care to much and that he wasn't comfortable with that so he rejected a meet up. I had it enough there and I told him that I don't want to stay friends. He tried convincing me otherwise but I already made up my mind. I didn't blocked him but I told him not to write me. After 2 months of no contact he started wrtiting me. It was just some excuses to talk to me. We are both gamers so he would ask me to play together and stuff like that. He was very persistant. I was weak again and I was replying back. I accepted to play a new game with him (both because I really didn't want to play it alone and because I missed him). So for the past month we've been playing that game together every day. I feels like good all days. We would talk, laugh, tease each other, call each other baby, etc. He seems way more interested in me then in the last few months of our relationship.
I have a feeling that he maybe wants to get back together but his pride doesn't let him ask me. I know that he didn't want to travel anymore because he lost his feelings for me. Did it ever happen to you that you get your feelings back and then don't know what to do or how to tell it? I am sure he thinks I would reject him so I think he is also afraid of that. Or I don't know then why would he keep writing me and wanted to keep me in his life so desperately...


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  • Just keep going with it. Don't put a label on things when they are going well. Just let it be what it is. And let it develope over time.


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