Why does my ex-boyfriend keep staring at me and should I move on?

I want to say sorry in advance that this such a long story, but I think all the details are important. Okay here goes... My boyfriend of almost a year dumped me at the beginning of summer without any warning. His reason was that he wasn't going to have enough time for me anymore with his job and football. I think he was very overwhelmed and thought it would be easier for him to be single. While he was breaking up with me, he told me he loved me and how he wouldn't find anyone like me, then he hugged me and left. He had tears in his eyes and I was shocked because I had never seen him cry. Then for a month after we broke up, he wouldn't talk to me or even look at me. We see each other almost every morning at our practices, and when we walked by each other he would pretend like he didn't even see me. Recently, he has been staring at me whenever I'm around. When he's doing drills, he will look over every few seconds to make sure I'm still there and then go back to whatever he's doing. Sometimes I will catch him staring at me, we will make eye contact, and then he will continue to stare even after I look away. He honestly looks like a sad puppy or something and it makes me very uncomfortable. I've started to move on and have even been talking to this really great guy who happens to be friends with my ex. He has openly said that he would date me if they weren't friends. The problem is, I don't know if I like him for him or because I'm lonely. I miss my ex-boyfriend and his family so much and sometimes wonder if we'll ever get back together. Should I try talking to my ex-boyfriend and try to reconcile or move on and see where it goes with this new guy? I would love to hear a guy's input on this, but any advice is appreciated!
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Guys, should I confront him about this or let it go?
Why does my ex-boyfriend keep staring at me and should I move on?
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