I wake up thinking about my ex every morning?

Every morning the first thought that pops into my head before I even open my eyes is my ex. It's strange because I haven't had any dreams about her, but she's always what I'm thinking about when I wake up. We dated for almost 2 years and we got a long great the entire time, but the last 2 weeks of our relationship I realized that she is not what I want, and that I had been forcing myself to be with her the whole time. So I broke up with her, and I am in a good mood most of the time now, with the occasional phases of missing the relationship (not her), remembering our memories together, and questioning myself. But waking up with her on my mind every morning since we broke up is starting to bother me. Has anyone had this happen? It's so strange.


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  • Sometimes it isn't the person you miss it's the memories. You were with her for a few years , so even though you ended the relationship she was a part of your life for a long time, so it is understandable you will think about her often

    I was in a very unhappy, controlling relationship, but after i ended it i woke up every morning thinking of my ex , and he was the last thing on my mind before going to sleep. It faded over me.

    You had the strength to walk away because you felt the relationship wasn't right for you... which shows your strength of character. It is not easy walking away from something you know isn't right for you, a lot of people stay in a relationship which isn't what they want , because it is what they have been used to for so long.

    The fear of change scares them and they think it'll be too painful to leave and move on, but it's more painful to stay stuck in a relationship where you don't belong

    The first step towards getting what you want is admitting , accepting and taking the risk of leaving behind what you don't want. You have taken that huge step. Don't make the mistake of believing that because you think of her often that it's a sign you want or need her back. 💛

    • Over time*

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    • Lol no problem. Your comment is so helpful. Thanks for the advice!

    • Aww so happy it helped. Good luck xx💜

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  • Yes, it happens, you're just missing the thought of her. Honestly, I was once before in a relationship with a guy who i realized I forced myself to be with than i broke up with him. I felt happy, and more free. I guess i started missing him and than we went back out. Two days later i ended it again. If a heart isn't feeling it than it isn't right. Just stick it through and distract yourself with something positive and than the thoughts of her will lessen.

    • Wow that is just like how I felt with mine. I broke up a week before our actual breakup, but we got back together to see if we could work it out, but by the end of that week I was dying to break up and get it over with. The way is see it is that if I'm still confused about staying together then it's better to break up instead of wasting each other's time. We are still friends and we work together a lot in school since we do the same extracurricular activities.

  • Because you are a jerk and you subconsciously know that. It's a guilt that wakes you up, not her.

    • Thanks for assuming you know everything about me and our relationship.

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    • That pretty much sums it up, but don't think everything is one sided. This was a double edged sword for both of us and just because both your ex and I did that doesn't mean we don't feel like shit and we are horrible people. I don't know about your ex, but I didn't consciously think about these things the whole time we were dating. I was hesitant in the beginning, but I gave it a try and we had a great two years. It wasn't until right before we broke up that I lost attraction and when I asked myself what it was that I wanted, it wasn't her. I could've been a complete dick and never told her or dragged it on, or even cheated. I may be a jerk, but I did the best that I could. while I can work on my maturity, maybe you can work on your empathy.

    • Well I'm sorry to hear that. I do have empathy I just don't understand. I pretty much know if I want a person or not after few months. Emotions are not something to play with so slightly.

  • you just need to give it some time.


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  • Same here, even your relationship and break up was like mines!

    • How'd it go?

    • We were together for like 2 years 1/2 at first I was really happy and all at first but I realized she wasn't as serious as I was about our relationship. I had been forcing the relationship to work and last despite her BS and I just couldn't any more. So I broke up with her, I've been going through some hard times ever since we broke up not because we broke up but thinking about it makes it worse, with the occasional phases of missing the relationship (not her), remembering our memories together and questioning myself. But waking up with her on my mind every morning since we broke up and sometimes dreaming about her (3 three times, since we broke up which was 2 months ago).

    • Dang that sucks. I was in the opposite situation with investment in the relationship. She was much more in love from the start (red flag) and I tried my best to treat her the same. We have very compatible personalities that could make us best friends, but even though we were completely compatible, she's not the type of girl that I'm looking for.

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