I have a gut feeling me and my ex are going to get back together but then I'm not sure if it's a gut feeling or just wishful thinking?

Because I want to get back together with him*?


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  • Gut feeling is usually baseless, and neither is it 'wishful thinking'. If you want to get back with him, and he wants the same, the two of you need to sort out your differences and MAKE it happen.

    • What do you mean by baseless?
      I don't know if he wants the same I'm currently ignoring him because he ignores me every time I try and get in contact with him and saids he's just busy. He does keep track of me it seems via Facebook, trying to bait me into contacting him.

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    • I guess it is realistic to expect to get back with him. Just put your best foot forward, and hope for the best!

    • Why do you say it's realistic? And why you say you guess?

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  • Wishful thinking is being optimistic, gut feeling is the opposite. It's something we're born with, like animals. It's there to prevent us from getting hurt when we are being very dumb.. You say he is ignoring you, so what gives you the gut feeling that he wants back? It's your wishful thinking that he wants you back, because you don't have the facts that would indicate that he wants you back. Gut feeling is usually right about bad stuff. It's there when our heart and mind are not in sync and we don't want to admit something or have a fear of something. That's when a gut feeling kicks in to help us realize and decide what to do. It's a very powerful thing. For example, if you went back together, wishful thinking would be that you're gonna live happily ever after, and gut feeling would be that you're gonna breakup again and be hurt again. I think you already know this and that your gut feeling is telling you to stay away from him, but you just don't want to admit because you thinking irrationally and you are letting your wishful thinking take control over your gut feeling. Just accept that you are being very dumb right now and hold to your gut feeling. It doesn't matter what he does or what he thinks, it's YOU who matter. I still keep tabs on my ex too but NO WAY I'm getting back together with him. It's just a habit that is very hard to quit and it takes time. Him checking you up on facebook means NOTHING.

    • Why would he care? And why are we in this pattern of haging out then not, he's been holding on to me for months. Why else would he send one of our mutual friends to hang out with me probably to get information for him about me when we weren't talking

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  • I had that same feeling 5 months ago, and yes we got back together... but unfortunately, we didn't last and broke up three months later. :-)

    • To be honest, I think we'll hook up again soon if I let him flatter me again with his bs -.- i dunno

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    • How do I play my cards right with him

    • do absolutely anything except looking/being desperate.

  • Lol.. Well you put it in the universe anything is possible.
    But just know sometimes we always don't get what we want, but what we need. So. Good luck.

    • Aren't gut feelings usually right though?

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    • Thats because of the memories

    • If he doesn't want me why continue in the same manner?

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