What does my ex mean by this all together, will we have a chance to get back together?


A few days ago my ex broke up with me, we were together for almost 2 years, planning to move and planning our lives together. He is an avoidant attachment style and I am an anxious. He broke up with me kind of out of the blue and we were both crying during it (he doesn't cry rarely if every especially with someone present, only second-third time he ever did it with me). He said several times (more than 10) how much he cares for me and how proud of me he is and how I am gonna do so much in life. He said he wants to still be part of my life as friends and maybe we can get back together one day. He was also saying how he doesn't think we are compatible and he needs to work on himself. Also, that he was doing this so he wouldn't hurt me in the long run. This is our second breakup and our issue was communication in both. We did prayers together (he is religious) and thanked each other and even said some things he always said to me when we were together like this isn't goodbye, this is a simply see you later. He also tried rushing exchanging stuff and I said we need to talk more about it at a later point. I feel like a lot of the things he said was to self-sabotage. We texted once since the break up but its because he sent me money he owed me and I said I received it and I hope he is doing well and he responded he is doing "OK" and work has been keeping him busy and he was gonna try the rest as soon as possible. I responded to take his time with it and I am doing ok as well and I have been keeping myself busy with school, work and bettering myself. Everyone around us believe we are legit perfect for each other, and honestly we did too. We never really fought, have the same goals, want the same things, décor, and our physical needs were perfect for each other. What does this all mean? What should I do next? Is there actually a chance for us getting back together? Any advice for this situation?

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Update: he called me this past Friday, said he wanted to exchange things as soon as possible and I asked if we would ever get back together and his exacts words were “maybe possibly, but probably not” asked him for the reasons again bc we were both emotional during the breakup call. Said I haven’t changed at all, that I don’t communicate, he fell out of love (lie, less than a month prior was boasting to friends and I about he found the venue we wanted to marry in) but essentially too much to say
What does my ex mean by this all together, will we have a chance to get back together?
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