Seeing my ex's name everywhere I turn. Am I crazy? And can I win back his heart?

My ex split up with me nearly two months ago. I'm still not entirely sure why and I'm not sure if he's moved on completely. All I know is, I haven't.

Anyway, wherever I go I hear his name all the time. If I'm out in the street I hear people shouting his name. If I'm watching TV, I hear his name or it shows up in the credits. When I read something his name pops up. I wouldn't say it's a very popular name either. The strange thing is, when we first met and I realized I liked him but didn't think he felt the same, his name popped up everywhere then as well. It might sound weird and it's kind of a ridiculous question, but could it be a sign that he feels the same or that we were meant to be together? Am I losing my mind? I really feel as though he was the one for me. He is an imperfect person and he's made a lot of mistakes, but he is only human and I love him because of his flaws. I may be young, but I'm not stupid. I know what is in my heart and I know I'm in love with him.

By no means do I want things to be exactly the same as before, because we did argue over silly things and get jealous a lot. But don't tell me I shouldn't want someone who gets jealous because it's actually a natural part of a relationship in my opinion. There will always be a hint of jealousy. I want us to be in love again, because we've both agreed that we were so happy together and that in our time as a couple we made the most amazing memories of our lives. I still think of them and cry and from what he's said, he does too. We want to meet, but I'm scared that I'll break down and he's scared too, though he hasn't told me why.

Do you think it's possible to win his heart back? He's been in a rebound 'relationship' since we split, but it only lasted a week and she hurt him. I got so angry when I realized she'd cheated on him and taken up with another guy, I wanted to hurt this girl and take my ex in my arms and hold him, show him the love he's looking for is right here. Is it possible to get back with an ex and actually stay together a second time around?
Seeing my ex's name everywhere I turn. Am I crazy? And can I win back his heart?
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