What goes through the mind of the dumper?

Especially for girls, like 2-3-4 weeks after you dumped someone.. What goes through your mind? Especially if it was a peaceful breakup.. especially if you broke up with the person for being like too clingy or something... especially if the relationship was at least 4-5 months or more.. What is going through your mind? Do you still have some feelings/love.. do you kinda miss them? Do you EXPECT them to blow up your phone every day?


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  • Yes I left my boyfriend, but I left w/a shattered heart. I didn't cheat on him or stop caring, I just felt like he was no longer making an effort for (a gut feeling). After 2 weeks, I feel better, but I feel like I am carrying a lead weight on my heart. I miss him everyday, but I know if I go back he won't appreciate me.

  • Of course I would still have feelings for him because I gave him all those months. Sometimes I may regret that I dumped him but gotta remember why I did what I did.

    No I dnt expect him to blow up my phone but if he really loved my and regretted what he did he would. Some boys would give the girl space and time but some wouldn't.

    • I haven't give any time and apace i haven't been in relationship before I don't know how it work to give some one time and space. I keep blow up the phone which she got mad at me and we broke up me as a friend too. wtf

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