Why do I have this tingling feeling and thinking about her a lot?

me and this female are cool what ever we be blushing around each other have these good ole conversations she showed me a lot of attention than stopped than started back a little and now when I'm around her or think about her which is a lot of the time I think about her but like I was saying being around her I have this tingling feeling that I never had before now its like I don't see her as this friend I see something deeper than just a friend I notice small stuff she lite skin turn on for me she beautiful she smart fun to be around and good personality when at first I just seen her as a good friend WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? PLEASE HELP! I MIGHT GO CRAZY I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS OR HOW I FEEL ABOUT HER I'M IN DENIAL OR SOMETHING WHAT DO YOU THINK?


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  • Isn't it obvious? Open your eyes honey- you like her! Heck, you may even love her. A lot of people fall and they fall hard. It could be possible she likes you too, which is probably fueling the fire in your heart. When you feel you like a person and you think they like you too, it makes you like them more. If you notice little things and think about her all the time, then it's obviously there. You feel strongly about her. Now you need to think.

    Do you think she likes you too? Should you ask he rout? Do you think this could work? Maybe you should just act upon it and see how it goes. I'm not sure what's next for you, but yes you do like her.

    • Thats what I'm thinking bout like when I settle down and bored or not doing nothing I think about her and its messing with my social lifei don't get a thrill out of flirting with other females anymore if its not her I think she likes me 2 because when we talk she get closer an dcloser if we walking and talking and always smiln and laugh this making my head hurt and making me bring the feminine side out something she do all the time but I hate this feeling

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  • Ok lets get it straight out, you have a huge crush on her. Whether or not you'll progress to the next of liking and loving, is completely dependent on where you're gonna take it from here. If you're willing to take the risk of asking her out, do so. but I'd advise you to let it be for a little while, work upon your own feelings, see whether you really want her for keeps and then go ahead. It spares both of you-the heartbreak and the energy of working over a failed sparkless romance afterwards!

  • Sounds like love to me my friend. You need to open up that door because I dnt think the feelings are going away by itself. It sounds like she might be interested as well. So why don't you give it a try. Good luck!

    • Thank you and I am monday I been thinking about it a lot its messing with my social life can't talk to another female without thinking/calling them her name

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    • Yea I hope so I'm just scared of rejection and a lost of friendship than I'm also thinking she might not take me serous because I'm a silly/goofy person not to goofy but goofy enough so a lot going thru my head right now

    • Well I don't think you'll lose a friendship over this....like I said it sounds like she digs you as well. If ur a goofy person let her knwo you care about her all jokes aside and I think that would b more than enought to take you serious...

  • Sounds to me that you have a crush

    Be straight forward with her

    Let her know how you really feel

    Who knows maybe she has the same feelings for you


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