My boyfriend doesn't care if I break up with him. Is it over?

We have been going out for around 7 months. We have fights every now and then. My boyfriend is really moody. He treats me well most of the time but then he would just forget about me. The last week something weird just happened. We had a couple of project submission at college last Friday and after the long day we were so exhausted or what, we just wanted to spend time alone. The next morning, he did something annoying and I said you piss me off so much at time and let's take a break. He said I piss him off too and agreed that we should take a break. He didn't revolt, rather he agreed we should take a break. I didn't do anything! He didn't speak up about it to me. He came to my room after an hour but I didn't want to talk to him. He hasn't taken a step to pacify me ever since. Is it healthy? I think it's better to be done with him.
P. S he says he loves me a lot. I have seen he can do pretty much everything I ask of him but these mood swings? This kind of behaviour like he doesn't care if I break up makes me wonder if he loves me at all.


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  • It is not healthy. I think you'll be better off. When he truly cares about you, he'll fight for you. his words and his actions are not on the same page.

  • Dont say that. He loves you. More than you think. Way more..


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