I think she's mad at me, how long until I contact her?

I've been seeing this girl for a few weeks but we have not been intimate or anything like that yet... anyway, she left on a business trip for a couple weeks and we got into an argument a couple days before she left... she said everything was fine before she left and she was just busy so didn't want to talk, but I can tell she was not happy. So should I wait a couple days, let her cool off and then call her? Talk to her right away? I don't want to p*ss her off anymore or get her annoyed, but I'd like her to know that I'm sorry about what happened and that I'm looking forward to seeing her when she gets back.

Well, 10 days and I haven't heard a word from her! I guess it's time to move on and see who wants to kick me in the balls next.


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  • definitely let her know you care and that you're sorry. it means a lot to us to hear that when it's sincere. even if she still needs some time to cool off she'd feel reassured and appreciated if you let her know exactly how you feel. if you don't she'll think that you're still upset with her and it'll make things worse. let her know and then wait for her to talk to you.

    • That's a good point... I dont' want HER to be thinking I'm still mad.

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  • Of course you should tell her your sorry maybe send her some flowers or something like that just let her know you feel bad about arguing before she left. She may have said everything was fine but that isn't always true, just send her some nice flowers and tell her your sorry that should work.

  • it's quite possible that she really is busy, tell her your sorry and then give her some space to cool off and it always helps to do something nice for her, send her flowers like suzyq29 suggested.


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