I keep bumping into my ex at my hangout spot?

at some places I bumped into her but she didn't see me (or at least i think). but at other places that i hang out at, i notice she goes there with her gfs. i don't know if she knows that is my hangout spot but she brought a guy once there and was kissing him, as if she didn't see me.

i was not jealous but played it cool with her. at other times at the same hangout spot she would go with her gfs and keep walking around me, like real close, close enough to smell me. i would stop her and say hi and chat with her. she would be cool and walk off.

now she broke up with me months ago. she never heard from me. i love her but i'm not going to chase her. i don't know if she is trying to get me back or trying to get a reaction out of me to see if i still want her. i made it clear to her that i would date her again but i said in a way that i did my part, now it is her part to show.
I keep bumping into my ex at my hangout spot?
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