Why does the dumper seem unhappy?

my ex boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me 2 months ago because he said he didn't feel the same way anymore. Was very out of the blue- our relationship was good- we didn't argue much and were best friends as well as lovers. he said the reason was because we moved in together to soon (realistically we did- we're both only just turned 22 and I basically lived with him after we were together for about 4 months, that's another story, and properly moved in together about 9/10 months before we broke up). He didn't like not having his own space and alone time and said we were to young to live together. He said it was nothing to do with me, he said im amazing, such a nice person etc and it's all to do with him.

He seemed a bit confused (ie. said he was still in love with me a few days after, said he still had feelings for me when we broke up but also said he sees our relationship as only a friendship?). I also saw him cry 3 or 4 times after we broke up and he said he couldn't tell anyone a few days after we broke up because he knew he would cry if he said it.

Although I was hurt, we ended on good terms. 6 weeks ago we also said we would see how we feel in a couple of months as we will not be living together come beginning of August (we have been taking turns staying at friends house since BU so luckily haven't been in the same house much) and this was the main problem for him so we could maybe try again not living together.

Anyway, I was talking to housemate yesterday and she said that her mum asked how i was and she said that she thought I (the dumpee) seems happier than my ex does (the dumper). She said she was confused as he was the one who broke up with me?

She said it seems as though i've realised i'm ok on my own but he just seems a bit miserable. He's also unfollowed me and deleted me on all social media and untagged all the pictures we have together on Facebook.

This is confusing?

Has the initial high of becoming single worn off or what?
Why does the dumper seem unhappy?
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