Why would an ex who dumped you swipe right on tinder?

I am 20 and he is 24. We were together for over a year and the break up was super vague and just didn't add up. It happened over text and he just stopped replying to me and couldnt even give the decency to call me. I thought he was going after another girl and it looked like he did a month after the break up. We broke up 4 months ago and it was really really rough on me. He would not give my belongings back because he wouldn't talk to me and I removed him from facebook and deleted his number. I think now I am in a much better place and feel like I'm finally moving on. I downloaded tinder this week just for an ego boost and surprisingly came across my ex... I didn't know what to do so I closed the app. I assumed he swiped left because I didn't see him for a while on the app again and then his profile showed up. I just didn't want to swipe at all. It's almost like if he keeps popping up in my "left or right" feed, that tells me that he swiped right. I've been doing this throughout the day and still see him and he keeps changing things on his profile so I know he's had to have seen me by now. Him being on tinder tells me that things didn't go as he had hoped with the girl so now he's looking elsewhere, maybe it's just sex, who knows. My question is: why swipe on an ex when you were the one who ended the relationship which did not end on good terms? We have not spoken in 4 months. I feel like tinder is not the place for us to "re-connect" I feel like if he really wanted to fix things, he would take action and actually do something. What do you think and what should I do?
Why would an ex who dumped you swipe right on tinder?
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