Should I swipe right on my ex on tinder who broke my heart?

I am 20 he is 24 and we were together a year. We have been broken up for 4 months and he completely ghosted me after and disappeared off the face of the earth. He would not respond to me when I asked for my belongings back and I eventually deleted him off facebook and deleted his number. I think he left me for a much less attractive girl but it didn't end up working out hence him being on tinder. The break up didn't make any sense to me because we got in a minor fight that was easily fixable but he just decided to give up and that it wasn't worth it. Fast forward 3 and a half months and I surprisingly come across him on tinder. I didn't know what to do so I closed the app when I saw him but when I opened the app back, after a few swipes he would reappear in my deck. I am really convinced he swiped right on me. I would close the app again each time I saw him and he continued showing up for like a week I finally decided to swipe left and then I deleted the app. I felt good in that moment but after a week I feel intensely emotional like the day we broke up. I feel like I just NEED to talk to him again and that I need answers. I desperately want him back right now and haven't gone a single day without thinking about him. It hurts so bad that it feels like I am the only one suffering and it looks like I don't even exist to him. I know it's up to him to fix things but maybe swiping each other would be a good starting point? Advice?
Should I swipe right on my ex on tinder who broke my heart?
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