Should I pour my heart out to my ex?

my ex boyfriend and I have been broken up for a little over two months now (he broke up with me by the way), and I miss him like crazy. not a minute goes by when I don't think about him, and I know I'm still completely in love with him.

he talks about me all the time to his friends, and asks my best friend all the time a bunch of questions about me, like he still cares and misses me too. he added me on Facebook and he looks at mine all time time to see how I'm doing (I know this because he asks my best friend about my status' as well). although he talks about me all the time and everything, he never tries talking to me. he did for the first month or so of our breakup. and after that he just stopped. but I've texted him a few times and we've had a few good conversations.

he also always makes sure that I'm not with another guy, and if my best friend even mentions another guy he asks a million questions.

we've also hung out a few times, which of course were kinda awkward, but he talked to me and flirted with me a lot. and then talked to my best friend about how much fun it was every time.

the downfall is that a week after he left me, he got together with a new girl and they had a 'fling', but he tells everyone, my best friend in specific, that he's totally over her and wants her out of his life.

i'm not sure what to do.

since he broke up with me, is it a bad idea to pour my heart out and ask for a second chance?

or is he sending all the signs that point to him wanting me back, and its a good idea?

Should I pour my heart out to my ex?
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