Why does it bother me that I saw my ex in tinder when I broke up with him?

My ex was emotionally abusive, condescending, passive, selfish and narcissistic. I loved him though and it was hard to leave. We dated for 2 years and he always acted like this but I thought if he could see how emotionally hurt I was, he would want to change. We had great times together and our physical relationship was perfect.
He broke up with me after 1 year because I brought some of these issues up and he did not want to listen so he shut me out for 4 months and even dated another girl for a few weeks. We initially met through tinder but were going to meet through friends anyway. I was an emotional wreck when he left because the breakup was unexpected. I redownloaded it 3 months later. I saw him and we swiped on each other and from there we dated for 8 more months.
So I end things a week ago through a phone call because he was treating me so horribly and I felt so ignored. I told him I wished the best for him and I said "you'll find someone" he replied with nothing but nice things to say about me and he said "I don't plan on dating again. I need to focus on just myself. My mom once asked if I thought about dating someone else and I told her that I couldn't see myself being with anyone but you" mind you, he has never given me any sort of indication in a long time that he saw me in his future and would say things all the time to make me feel insecure about his feelings for me. I feel like this was some sort of manipulation tactic. a day ago I redownload tinder. I just wanted to feel wanted. I was under the impression he would not be on there because of what he said. But... was surprised to find him. No telling how long after the break up he's had it. I did not swipe to get matched with him because I am done with him. I know he is not the hook up type so I know that he doesn't have it for that. He was my first love and of course feelings don't just vanish but I know being with him was not good. why did it bother me to see him on there and why does he have it?
Why does it bother me that I saw my ex in tinder when I broke up with him?
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