Why would your exes gang up on you?

Ok so my 3rd long term ex basically hacked my shit when we were together and he'd monitor my phone, Facebook and emails. He was controlling and didn't allow me to hang with friends male or female, he'd drive any friends away by being a jerk on purpose, didn't want me going to school, was hung up on his ex and allowed his brother to be a dick to me. After we broke up he started being all buddy buddy with my second long term ex who had a vendetta against me Bc I broke up with him Bc he was pretty much a jerk. He put his friends and life first didn't take me out on dates, had a history of cheating on his exes, admitted to making me jealous on purpose and always made me uncomfortable Bc he'd comment about how I was rich and how he conned favors and free shit out of me. I broke up and a year and a half into a relationship with boyfriend number 3 he'd email boyfriend number 3s brother about how he wished bad things on me. I guess when boyfriend number 3 and I broke up he was mad I didn't regret dumping him, idk? Well anyway boyfriend number 3 acted weird before we broke up. He made indications and said and did weird things that lead me to realize he was hacking my shit and he basically would argue/put me down for no reason and then he dumped me with a bullshit excuse and then wanted to be friends on his terms. I kinda ignored him after we broke up Bc I was scared of him and we'll be broken up 5 years in January but for some reason he wants me to come see him and I don't. I'm sick of this baby shit. Who gave him the right to hack my emails I didn't cheat, I spent money on him and went all out for him. He seemed to be pissed at me for mourning 9 months after my dads death and basically left me Bc I wouldn't get over it right away and resume watching horror movies and getting fucked up like old times.
I knew his friends were in on the hacking Bc they let me off and it was fucked up Bc even tho I got a new phone and changed passwords he'd stalk me and get off on the fact I was upset. I never asked to go back out with him, never talked to him about my feelings and don't want to. If he doesn't love me and never did why does he stalk me?
I also don't get why boyfriend number 2 thought he was the greatest thing to ever happen to me? I told him what he did wrong and gave him time to change but he never seemed to care unless it personally affected him.


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  • What kind of men are you allowing in your life? Do you realize that this is not about them? It's about you!! Don't allow any man to take advantage of you. No man should be living off you. Stop taking care of these men. Don't let people know you have money. Change ALL of your passwords and DO NOT let any man have access to your personal stuff. Let those exes talk about you. In anyone's eyes, these are not real men. They are scavengers, opportunists, and deadbeats. Take a good look at what you date and ask yourself why you do it? Low self esteem?

    • I didn't let them know I have money. For some reason they'd come over to my house and assume that and I'd be like what are you talking about? To this day my 3rd boyfriend will say shit to my face like you live in a rich area and you go horseback riding that's a rich people hobby. And I definitely knew number 2 was an opportunist by the way he talked and how he used me for favors to enhance his life and scheduled things so that they benefited only his schedule without making plans with me first. Boyfriend number 3 was a total deadbeat. He'd complain about being poor even tho he worked part time and I paid for a lot of his shit and it wasn't me that used that term it was my best friend at the time that he slept in bed with that woke up with his arm around her that started calling him that! It makes me mad Bc the two of them felt I should pay for everything in the relationship because my parents had money. Didn't matter my dad died and my mom wasn't working they bought drugs and video gam

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    • This is all really childish. Pick a guy that does not know that group or any of your friends. They are straight out using you.

    • I wanted to date someone, but my ex hacked my shit and one of my recent ex boyfriends shit so I gave it a rest. It's annoying Bc I feel like my ex (no 3) thinks I should date who he wants me to date or that I ought to go along with what he wants and invest in whatever business schemes he has because some asshole he knows thinks I ought to fund a weed dispensary Bc I have money or whatever. I don't know. I don't want to be with any of my exes Bc they have consistently shown me they are not good people and I don't want to date anyone my ex tries to hook me up with because anyone that tolerates him is a shitty person. It just boggles me how he identifies with sarcastic and sociopathic people and expects me to want to stick around. I'm just worn out. Even when I was skinny and pretty and happy and had everything going for me it wasn't enough, so my question is what number 3 wants from me?

  • You really pick the wrong guys

    • I understand that now but I'm at a loss for what to do. When i broke up with number 2 he got mad at me instead of looking at what he did to me. I lost weight for him, I looked good and I did nice things for him including taking him out to steak dinner, buying him things just because and standing by him when he was sick with tonsil stones. But when I needed affection and care he was too wrapped up in his life to form any real bond or be bothered to act like a boyfriend should. He was still stuck in his boyish ways and cared more for partying and friends instead of commitment. I'm at a loss for what to do because these 2 think that I'm mean and wrong and awful, but they didn't respect me or treat me right and I don't know why number 3 still hacks my shit when I wasn't a bitch like most girls are. I regret not cheating on him and making him feel bad on purpose and using him. I feel like an idiot for catering to him when he couldn't as much as respect me appropriately?

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