My ex blocked me on FB, instagram but not snapchat.. why?

My ex broke up with me at the start of the year (due to me telling some lies in regards to my own money) we'd been together 4 years, he then came back to me several times throughout the year wanting to make it work, then after saying so would say it wasn't going to work like 2 weeks later. The last time he came back to me in July, he wanted to make it work, and I was doing the majority of the trying, after 2 weeks, I found out through his family that he had brought a ticket overseas and was leaving for 3 months, when I talked to him about it he said it just wasn't going to work anymore and he couldn't do it. So he left, and I didn't hear from him, 2 months in I got a FB message from some random girl saying she was his new girlfriend and that she wanted to know if he was all clear down there. A couple of weeks a go I screenshot this and sent it to him and he said this was not the case, I asked him if he could tell her to back off, and he said he would. That was the end of the conversation. I decided to unfriend him and unfollow him on instagram because I didn't want to see him and his new girlfriend together. I messaged him that I still cared for him but it was too hard for me to see that, so that was my reasons for doing so and hopefully there would be no hard feelings. Out of curiousity I went to go see how he was last week and found out that he has blocked me on facebook, deleted all photos of me on instagram and blocked me. I was a bit offended but more unsure of why he would do such a thing. What I don't get is why he would block me on FB and instagram, but he still watching my snap chat stories on Snap Chat? Not sure what he is thinking.
My ex blocked me on FB, instagram but not snapchat.. why?
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