My ex blocked me on Facebook why? lol?

When we broke up (I dumped him) he blocked me on Facebook. Then he unblocked me and tried being "Friends" with me after the breakup but I said NO. He literally had a girlfriend 2 weeks after our breakup smh. Recently he blocked me again. I did nothing to him and I haven't hit him up or anything but he blocks me. I did post a post to my wall and set it to public on Facebook and it was a subliminal message to him but also to uplift people on my friends list. It was positive tbh and basically saying how letting go isn't weak ecetera. I know he stalks my page too. Maybe that piss him off? lol


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  • Just because two people break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it isn't "Love and war" many times over and May Not be---Over, xastranger.
    He Obviously still has a soft spot in his heart for you and even wanting to still be "Friends" with you, it became a back and forth ordeal that turned into this Raw deal of-----Blocked me again.
    It's a case of "He said, she said" and fun with Facebook where you both can play and Display the feelings you both may share of how you really feel. It's like a closure and even though he got this Babe in Toyland '2 weeks after our breakup,' it's obvious, with no writing on the wall and all, that he still has feelings for you.
    Somehow I don't feel you have heard nor seen the last of him. 'Letting go' is sometimes the hardest part of breaking it off, however, the memeories still linger... ecetera...
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, and wishing you a Happy Easter .:)) xxoo

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  • It sounds like your over him why do you care?


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