Why me ex block me on Facebook but not instagram and snapchat?

My ex and I broke up on Monday due to different cultures. He's a saudi guy studying here at the states. Everything was fine until a couple weeks ago when family told him he that they're going to find a girl now and he needs to get married. He wanted to stay together until he gets engage but said its not fair for me to stay with him knowing his situation so we broke up. Monday was the last time him and I talked. But then yesterday out of nowhere he blocked me on Facebook so did his cousin that I'm really good friends with. He also blocked my friends who he is also friends with.. I'm just confuse because if he really wants to cut that communication or connection don't you think he would block me on Instagram and snapchat.. The break up still hurts but I don't think I would go as far as blocking him.. Last conversation we had was me asking him if he really loved me and he replied back saying I do.. I never replied back after that.. I'm just really confuse why he would block me on Facebook but not on Instagram and snapchat.. And why would his cousin do the same too? Are all guys like this or is it just saudi guys like this after a break up?


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  • The bigger question is Why care? He's your ex. Move on.

    Rule #1: Never deal with ex's. As you see you just typed a small novel on confusion and drama it's caused.

  • Maybe coz they aren't over analyzing social media habits. Just move on looks like they have looking back isn't progressive thinking.


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