My girlfriend dumped me but won't leave me alone?

She dumped me after we went on a trip together, she told me that I don't let her in and treat her like a friend. I told her I didn't want it to end but after I never contacted her. In the weeks just after we broke up she started calling, texting bugging me to come out and meet up. When I started giving in and met up with her we started fooling around again, she would sleep over multiple times a week but held out on sex and wouldn't take me back. We persisted like this for weeks and weeks till I got fed up and tried to move on. Again she started calling, texting, bugging me too meet up I asked her straight out many times if we were going to work things out and get back together but it never went anywhere. She'd just say let's try being friends. It got to the point where she'd pick and choose when she would stay over, but if I asked her to she wouldn't. Sometimes she'd meet up and kiss me right when we met up or when we said goodbye and be all into me then just for no reason start ignoring me for days at a time. Then I went on vacation for a month and kind of left her behind and didn't talk to her much while I was gone. When I returned she was crazy spazzing out on me for no reason as I didn't care much and wanted to keep my distance. Finally I gave in and met up with her for some hang out time, and she invites this guy to meet up with her right in front of me. I left and stopped speaking to her for almost two months till out of the blue she messages me saying she wants these irrelevant pictures I have from my birthday the previous year. We start speaking again and a couple weeks later we hang out right away she's all over me, she's wearing the ring I gave her she wore while we were together and spends the night the next night we are out again together and she just ditches me without warning and leaves me alone at a bar. Then ran into later in the week at a bar and when I left she wanted a kiss when I was leaving. We talked I asked if she wanted to get back together and she says no she just wants to be friends. I told her that's not what I want and to leave me alone if that's what she wants. She continues too call, and want to meet up and sometimes stay over and sometimes kiss me and act like we are together. Then out of the blue tells me she wants too hook me up with her friend. Needless to say I am confused and just really want to be left alone but still totally love her at the same time. Anybody know what the hell is going on here and what I should do?


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  • Shes clearly playing with you. And she's clearly not listening to what your saying about getting back together. It sounds like she wants attention and she can only get it from you. She knows you like her.

    Just try not to give in. When she calls you to meet up, just say to her "meet me up at my place" or a place of your choosing. If she doesn't want to say "ok, maybe next time" and then hang up. If she later on say why are you being cold and distant, you can just say I'm not, just want to meet up here and not there. If she's being difficult, hang up.

    If you do give in, cause she started getting upset or something, meet up with her of her choosing, but bring your mates (from work, or whatever) along. She wants to be in control, but it will be difficult with your mates about.

    Stand your ground, she will either give up or give in.

    Good luck


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