My ex texted me to check on me im confused help😕?

my ex texted me today i started doing the no contact rule after 4 days ago on the 9th of February when he was mean on that day Today he texted me i hope u ok he texted then i replied im ok how are you he text back im good
Question what does it mean when an ex texts you back after they dumped you the other couple days he was mean and nice at the same time 😕im confused a bit here


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  • He cares about you. You probably had some type of conflict where he was pissed but now that the dust is settling he is realizing that he fucked up.

    • Yes thank you thats what happen i made him mad he dump me and now he back texting do you work in magic☺😍haha

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    • He been more nice and calm he been checking on me like he ask what you doing or how are you he been texting me since the 14th last night he asked me what u doing i said just got out the shower and had shirmp salad for dinner he text me the word sweet i asked could we meet and he said yeah what time he wants to come over also he has lots of my thongs and lingerie still in his car 😕what u think trying to do i think he miss me but won't say it

    • I notice he been warm with me over text like he sends sweet nice texts to me

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  • He's an EX. Move on... ancient history. I'd ignore.. and have... ignored all EXes.


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  • Difficult one that. It could mean that he wants to become friends with you again or he's trying to find away to apologise to you... or he's just being an ass and trying to get into your head and upset you.

    • 💦😥

    • Did you have a bad break up?

    • He broke up with me over text no we didn't physically fight i didn't cuss him out even tho he blew up and cussed at me i still held my composer

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